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Local Towns & Villages    
Mojacar; A beautiful Moorish village sprinkled over the mountain top like icing sugar. Not over commercialised, but the cobbled passageways climbing between white painted houses have enough little shops and bars to make it interesting. Great for your souvenirs/gifts, from clothes to pottery. The ‘El Antler Restaurant’ is recommended.

Garrucha; A small fishing town located between the beaches of Mojacar and Vera. Garrucha boasts a palmtree-lined promenade with a beautiful marble balustrade running most of the length of the town. It's clean beaches and port which includes the yacht marina are the main features of the town.'s local fishing fleet which supplies all types of seafood to the local market and restaurants along the seafront. Hit the harbour for around 5pm and you can watch the days catch being unloaded and auctioned in the large shed-like structure. The town itself basically consists of one long high street. Here you will find many boutiques and shoe shops. Great market on market day.

Vera; Vera is the capital of the area, yet is still only a small town. It's main claim to fame these days is to have a very long stretch of beach which is designated as a Naturist area and is known world wide for building the first naturist hotel - Hotel Vera Playa. There are some lovely shops, however beware of some of the high street prices. .

Villaricos; is a small fishing village at the foot of the SIerra Almagrera with wonderful views of the Sierra Cabrera Mountains. It's name is from the ancient silver mines nearby which were mined by former civilisations. The rugged, unspoilt terrain and spectacular landscape are breathtaking, making it a welcome change from the normal coastal resorts in Spain.

Carboneras; Another small town worth a visit, if only for the drive, which has some stunning sea views. En route, you will also discover some great protected beaches carved out of volcanic rock, leaving pebble coves and rocky beaches.

Turre; You’d have driven through this small village on your route in, just before climbing towards Mojacar Village. Not much there. Very Spanish. A real ‘one-horse town’. It does boast lots of little bars and restaurants, the most popular being ‘The Orsoca’. It also has an excellent, if rather unfinished, supermarket.

Bedar; a nice drive to an old hill town that has managed to maintain its peace, tranquility and beauty, overlooking a fertile valley dotted with cortijos and small farms. For many years these characteristics have made it a popular location for artistic - painters, actors, musicians and intellectuals. Its history goes back to the Middle Ages, when Bédar belonged to the municipality of Vera. A mosque survives as a reminder of the Muslim past, converted and for many years used as an olive oil mill, and more recently into a private residence. Its muslim heritage can be observed in its narrow, twisting side streets and its fertile plain, with traditional terraces staggered around water courses - an irrigation system that uses the water supply to maximum advantage. We can thoroughly recommend the Miramar restaurant in the village. Wonderful seafood, and the paella is one of the best in the area. Their speciality is a leg of lamb (for 2 people), which is absolutely gorgeous. Nice at anytime but Sunday lunch is especially enjoyable. Very welcoming and the balcony provides wonderful views of the valley, down to the coast.

Cabrera; A must visit in our view. A lovely secluded development of Moroccan style dwellings nestled high on the Cabrera mountain. At the top you will see some stunning mountain views and can enjoy a nice meal or drink in one of the two quiet restaurants.

Almeria; The pleasant and mainly modern port-city of Almería faces the sea, spreading out beneath the steep grey hill, dominated by a magnificent Moorish fort, the Alcazaba. The town is divided into two parts by the Rambla de Belén, which runs down the Avenida de Federico García Lorca – the old town to the west, the new to the east. La Rambla itself is a long avenue with adjoining squares in which to enjoy the shops and cafes and, for children, the play areas. Puerta de Purchena to the north, a busy traffic junction, is the centre of the modern city. It also marks the spot where in 1490 the city’s last Moorish ruler surrendered to the Catholic monarchs.


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